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Directions to Chateau de La Trousse

Chateau de La Trousse, 77440 Ocquerre, FRANCE

Reaching the Chateau

The address of the Chateau is La Trousse, Ocquerre 77440. France.  You should calculate the directions on mapquest and print them out prior to leaving.  If you have GPS in your car, you can enter Trousse and it will appear as a location (it doesn’t on google or mapquest).  Just after passing through Lizy you will remain on D401 and just prior to reaching the Chateau, you will see a row of identical houses going up a hill on your right.  There will be a sign for the Commune Trousse.  Watch for the row of houses as you will know you are nearly there.  Very shortly after the row of houses at Trousse will be the entrance to the Chateau.  Directly across from the entrance of the driveway will be the cross commemorating WWI. The long driveway is double lined with 200 plus year old oak trees leading up to the gate.


It is also possible to take the high speed train (TGV) from CDG to Chessy Marne le Vallee which is the Euro Disney stop.  This is a very modern train station with both Avis and Hertz car rental agencies. Everyone working at this station speaks English. From Marne le Vallee, it is approximately 15 minutes to the Chateau.  Personally, I recommend driving directly from CDG to the chateau. If you fly into Orly you will need to drive. If you arrive between 7-9 am I highly recommend waiting until after rush hour to depart. I also highly recommend that anyone visiting the Chateau rent a car with a navigation system included with the rental. Even if you request it upon arranging the rental, do not assume it will be there. Make SURE and verify with the car rental agent that you have one. It makes life much easier. Visit the Resorts Unlimited website for amazing car rental bargains!

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